Bail Bondsmen in Richmond VA

There are a lot of bail bondsmen in Richmond VA.  Here are the guys I know and trust that can help you get someone you care about out of jail in that city:

  1. Fast Bail Bondingfast bailbonding richmond VA logo
    2800 Skipton Road, Richmond, VA 23225
    Website: Fast Bail Bonding
    Google +1 site

  2. James Bondsman Bail Bonds
    2711 Buford Road, Ste. 320
    Richmond, VA 23235James Bondsman Bail Bonds Richmond VA
    Website: James Bondsman Bail Bonds – Richmond
    James Bondsman Bail Bonds – Henrico
    James Bondsman Bail Bonds – Chesterfield County

Other Friends in the Bail Bonds Industry

  1. Thunder Bail Bondsbail bonds okc
    810 NW 6th Street
    Oklahoma City, OK 73106
    Website: Bail Bondsman OKC
    DexKnows site: Bail Bondsman OKC OK

The best way to…

Get out of jail

is to never get in!  Just for fun, here’s how Madea managed it:


Get Out of Jail Free?

get out of jail card from monopoly

Get Out of Jail Free? Yes.

Sometimes people are released “on their own recognizance,” or “O.R.” A defendant released O.R. must simply sign a promise to show up in court.  Then they are not required to post bail.

A defendant commonly requests release on his or her own recognizance at the first court appearance called the arraignment. If the judge denies the request, the defendant then asks for low bail.

It helps if the defendant has strong ties to a community so they are thought to be unlikely to flee. Factors that may convince a judge to grant an O.R. release include the following:

  • The defendant has family members – parents, a spouse, children –  living in the community.
  • The defendant has resided in the same community for many years.
  • The defendant has a steady job.
  • The defendant has little or no past criminal record
  • The defendant has been charged with previous crimes but has always appeared as required.